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Default Re: Oh, Aerie, I've missed you, too...

Well, what it mostly does it let you play BG & BGII on today's computers, so if you are already able to play & replay it, you probably don't need it.

Also, they added some new NPC's, in both BGI & BGII - a Wild Mage, a Monk, & an... anti-Paladin, I guess is the best way to describe him, Some more kits, a few more quests, some stuff I haven't seen before.

I mean I can't wholeheartedly say you NEED to go get the Enhanced Edition if you can already play the original game, but I couldn't run the original game on my current computer. It just bugged out from the get go when I tried it a few years back, so the EE editions are great for me, since the alternative was nothing.

I did wait until they were a few iterations in, both BGI & BGII are on their 3rd patch now & pretty stable (still some bugs).

Also, at least for BGII, there's a thread that shows which MODs have been updated to work with the EE edition...

That also takes you to the forums on the EE versions, so you can browse around & read up on it if you want to.

But... all that aside, anyone else replaying because of the EE's?

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