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Default Re: Wyvern's Emporium of Lost and Unobtainable Items!

Obtaining an item's hex code is not hard, write the item into the Bol file of a place that you have not visited. Go to that place, pick up the relevant item and then save the game. Open the save file in a hex editor and then check the PC's inventory.
For example, in the file CryptA.bol, offset 29,504 is the start of the listing for I251, this is item 251, the Skull you find lying on the table in the second room.
These shelves seem to be in the first room:
27,648 P185 185 Shelf
27,840 P185 185 Shelf
27,904 P185 185 Shelf
It seems that you can replace Props with items.

Obtaining the number of an item is easy enough. I have spreadsheets that list the items by name. Another approach is: Item number is one less than the line number when the file D6Item.dat is opened in the Edit function of the Command Prompt, with a line length of exactly 284 bytes.
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