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Default Re: DA2 loose ends (contains spoilers)

Originally Posted by Jorath Calar View Post
Does anyone else think that the story in DA 2 is extremely lame and uninteresting? I am playing it for the first time now, and am at a point of giving up. I was hoping something fun would happen when I got to the Deep Roads but nope... just a short quest and an short fight with a dragon and then back to the city.

I swear just the Ashes of Andraste side quest in Origins was more epic nad interesting than the whole story in DA 2.

Whats happening to Bioware?
Mass Effect, and trying to make all their games like Mass Effect. They are also probably quite distracted with the imminent release of their Star Wars MMO. For all that, I'd probably buy the MMO, even though I won't play it, because of all the people putting out games these days, BioWare is still top. Only time will tell how successful their MMO will be, but frankly, if they support it half as well as they did NWN's, it's going to be better than some of the games out now.
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