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Default DA2 loose ends (contains spoilers)

Hello lovely helpful people,

I have played through DA2 three times now and have enjoyed it - loved my dual-wielding rogue - assassinate is absurdly powerful! But I was reading a walkthrough and realised that some things that are supposed to have happened did not! For example, at the end of act 2 (where you fight the qunari), and Isabela leaves to take her book, in the walkthrough it said that Isabela reappears at the final qunari fight, but in none of my games did this happen. I did different things each time - first time I immediately said we would help her and gave her the book, in the other games I resisted a bit but eventually helped her but said she couldn't have the book which she obviously stole anyway. So then I just lost Isabela for the rest of the game entirely! Is there something you're supposed to do to make her reappear (e.g., have a higher friendship with her? Although we were okay friends)? Or perhaps a bug?

Also, and this is really unimportant but I would like to know for completeness, there is an achievement listed that is "earned the respect of an important adversary" - who is the adversary? I have played through both sides of the ending and I think I earned the arishok's respect (although I didn't duel him as it was too hard) but haven't got this achievement.
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