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Default Re: Dragon Age 2 (Rant included, PG)

Originally Posted by SpiritWarrior View Post
I dunno, I think there's more to good characters than the ability to generate hate and disdain. The problem here is, bad characters tend to do that too. And more often.

Like, I hate Lana Lang in Smallville, not because she is a good character, or because they fleshed her out - but because I hate her. Same with Lex Luthor.
I was so happy when they were removed from the cast, and never once thought "Oh I wish Lana or Lex came back". I was so sick and tired of seeing them that anything else would be a breath of fresh air. If there was anything to justify my investment in said hatred, it was Smallville and the Superman franchise - but not these characters, I wanted them gone.
There are, however, people that would disagree with you. I'm not a big follower of either Smallville, or Superman in general. However, in the example I gave above, there were very heated debates between people that hated Alistair, for example here, and people that didn't. It's not that I disliked Alistair as a character, but more that I didn't like him as a person. I found him to be whiney, deceitful and childish. These are not traits that I would commonly assign to a character in a video game. These traits were brought home to me in a female PC run through, where, after his deceit about his lineage was revealed, he laid the blame on my character's feet, instead of owning it himself. The disdain that I held for him then holds true to this day, while I'm goofing off playing at DA: O again until I can get DA 2.
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