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Arrow Re: Dragon Age 2 (Rant included, PG)

It's a pretty good game! I got to act 3 with my goody two shoes warrior romancing Merril and siding with the mages.

But there's some pretty bad bugs in this game. I couldn't finish the raiders on the cliff quest because the guard's dialogue would loop every time I talked to them. And some quest just never started or cleared.

Worse of all is the bug in the Merril romance quest line that spoils you the ending dialogue before you even start her chapter 3 quests. That plus the bug that slowly nerf your character if you are using a full item set or have a companion friendship buff.

So I pretty much put the game on hold until they fix the most glaring bugs. But I'm already thinking about my next two games. I think I'll have my warrior have a change of heart and side with the Templars, so that my rogue and mage can side with the mages. Although it would be interesting to see the mage side with the templars.

The only problem is that I'm playing the warrior as diplomatic, the rogue as charming and the mage as aggressive. I don't see how an aggressive mages could fit with them.

You guys tried the DLC with the archer elf? Is it long/good or does it just basically give you the character without adding new content? Is the character worth it?
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