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Default Rogue is AWESOME DA2

I have now played a lot of quests in Kirkwall and I have to say that this is a completely new experience comparing to DA:O since the combat has been revamped into a dynamic and fast-paced action filled game. I have not played my 2handed warrior that far yet - but my tank seems to be much the same as in DA:O

I wonder: Is it possible to mod the specializations of the NPC's into the Main character - so for instance my rogue could benefit from Isabella's swashbuckler?

Only thing that is a complete let-down for me is that you cannot put armor on the companions - I love to micromanage my characters in RPG games and this feels a bit like a cheap way for Bioware to get around making items in game - also the junk filter - whats the use of the junk if it does not come with a story.
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