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Arrow Re: Dragon Age 2 (Rant included, PG)

I had a javascript project to do last night so when the game went live at 3 am I gave it a try.

The info that get carried over from DA1 to DA2 seem really minor. It's more like cameos than anything else in my opinion. But we'll see I guess.

I had played the demo twice as a mage. I tried a warrior last night for retail and I found the game to be really fast paced. It's the fastest game I've played I think. The combat animations are really fast, minion enemies die really quickly and explode into a shower of body parts etc. It does feel like an arcade game at times. I think playing mage is the closest you get to DA1 because you are in control of the pace and your character isn't running all over the place. But after an hour I got used to the pace and I didn't notice it anymore. It's not that the game is easy. It's just that you have to get used to fighting waves of enemies.

But that said. I found the mood of the game to be pretty interesting once you get out of the prologue. So far I think the game is going to be interesting.

By the way. If you got the black emporium with your game you have to download it manually. No DLC appear in the game menu yet.
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