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Default Re: Dragon Age 2 (Rant included, PG)

Baldurs Gate, particularly #2, rules all. Period.

What I want to see is a total-conversion project where all content from BG2 is ported in to the Dragon Age engine.
THAT, would be something to see!

For my money, I loved DA, and bought all content and expansions for it.

I also loved Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 more so. Mass Effect 2 got rid of a lot of annoyances that were present in ME1. The only lack was not enough side-quests and that you weren't able to wander about in as-large areas.

The graphical quality is excellent, however, I wonder why DA did not get the same graphics quality. It seems out-dated out of the box, only graphical improvement mods were able to fix this to some degree.

NWN I never cared for it all.. too much;
"You start here. Go to all four possible directions, and kill everything. Return and port to a new area and repeat."

As for KOTOR, I enjoyed that quite a bit, despite being horribly disappointed by the SW franchise lately. KOTOR2 was rushed and incomplete, and just not acceptable.
MMO's don't appeal to me at all, so I won't be playing the new one.

I have just preordered DA2 as well as The Witcher 2.
I think I will enjoy TW2 more.
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