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Default Re: Starting Over: Some Build Questions, etc.

Originally Posted by Albromor View Post
Thanks again Olorin.

Your info on arrows confirms that I had Leliana's Tactics very messed up because she never used her bow even though I would equip it. This is why I asked about regular arrows. I thought that she didn't use her bow because none were equipped. And here all along it was due to my poor tactic decisions. What do you think of Pining Shot vs. mages?

In fact I had everyone's tactics wrong. I am going to have to really take my time in tactic combinations per NPC.

* By the thanks for the heads-up on the paralyze line especially with mobs/crowd control. The game manual has to be one of the worst I've read.
Pinning shot is not bad vs. Mages. My preference is to use my mages to disable enemy mages for a couple of reasons:
1. Glyph of Warding, Paralyze, Crushing Prison last longer than Pinning Shot. They also take effect earlier (no aiming), especially Glyph and Prison which just appear at the target instead of being a projectile.
2. Pinning shot is hard to see, so it's difficult to tell exactly when it wears off. The spell animations are much more blatant.

Another issue is that I don't like to duplicate effort. If Wynne is set to Paralyze magic users, and Lel is going to use Pinning Shot, then they'll often both target the same enemy at the same time, and both effects will wear off at the same time. For the same reason, I don't have Wynne set to use multiple disablers on spellcasters, since she would just double Paralyze them. I DO however follow the disable spellcaster tactic with multiple damage spells aimed at the caster to try to kill them before the the Paralyze wears off (so I might also have Lel set to use damage skills vs. the mages to help kill them off).

My preference for Pinning Shot is to set it to Enemy-->Attacking (Alistair or whoever is tanking).
Takes one of the melee guys pounding on the tank out of the fight for a little bit, but it's not a crucial role where I need to know if it succeeded and when it wears off.
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