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Default Re: Starting Over: Some Buld Questions, etc.

Originally Posted by Albromor View Post
So then it would be better to just choose default rather than using the tactics options?
Actually, there is a 'Behaviour' setting in addition to the Tactics list. For an archer, you want to change them from Default to Ranged so they won't switch to a melee weapon. Ranged works well for mages too.

As to the mods, a lot of them are for 1.03 and not 1.04 (1.04 came out fairly late, so a lot of the modding community had moved on). For the mods I use, I haven't had anything break on me using something like Quinn's fixpack with the 1.04 patch.

The only issue I really have with DA:O is the occasional crash to desktop. That's due to a memory leak issue that somehow never got fixed, but it's rare enough not to annoy me too badly (just make sure you hit quicksave regularly!).
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