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Default Re: Starting Over: Some Build Questions, etc.

Thanks again Olorin.

Your info on arrows confirms that I had Leliana's Tactics very messed up because she never used her bow even though I would equip it. This is why I asked about regular arrows. I thought that she didn't use her bow because none were equipped. And here all along it was due to my poor tactic decisions. What do you think of Pining Shot vs. mages?

In fact I had everyone's tactics wrong. I am going to have to really take my time in tactic combinations per NPC.

Also, another question on Mods. I looked at the link you gave me in another thread and I was wondering if they Quinn's Fix Pack works with the game patched to 1.04? Many of the mods seem to be designed for patches 1.03 and earlier.

* By the thanks for the heads-up on the paralyze line especially with mobs/crowd control. The game manual has to be one of the worst I've read.

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