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Unhappy Starting Over: Some Buld Questions, etc.

For several reasons I will be re-starting the game (which means I get to go through the Fade again… joy ). One major thing I realized was that I could have done a much better job of building not only my character (mage) but also my NPC companions. My favorite play combination is Alistar, Leliana, Wynn, and my mage though I certainly used Morrigan, my dog, and Sten from time to time. So please tell me if I am off in any way in the following emphasis:

Alistar - He is my main tank. This time around I will concentrate heavily in upping first his strength and second dexterity. I was thinking a 2-1 distribution of points at leveling. I could use some ideas as to what skills would also be wise for a tank build.

Leliana - I wanted to make her an archer but I believe my distribution of stats points hampered her considerably. And I did a very poor job of setting up her combat tactics. From what I gather in researching builds dexterity and especially cunning are critical for a rogue/archer combination. Would you say this is correct? Also, like Alistar, skills you would recommend.

* This next question is very noobish but can one just purchase/find regular arrows? I have found fire, ice, etc. either adventuring or from merchants but nothing "normal" or am I missing something?

* Then I really goofed because I got her approval rating up high too fast. We were "just friends" at 100%.

Wynn - She will be for healing and buffing; any other spell combinations and skills you would recommend?

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