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Default Re: A Few Gameplay Questions

For the head problems, it's possible that you installed a mod to change Leliana's appearance that required other files (like additional hairstyles) that aren't present and so you get nothing for the hair (the ears might be gone because the hairstyle she's supposed to be using hides the ears, so they are not drawn).

If you can't find anything messing with her appearance, one possible fix is to download and install (usually by dropping files into the override folder) a different Leliana face mod, one that doesn't use pieces of other mods. Overriding whatever Leliana is currently set to with another face might fix the issue.

edit: Good to hear you solved it. If you do want to change NPC faces in the future, just read the mods carefully, as several face-morphs require also installing an extra hairstyles mod. If you install both though, they work fine.
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