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Mad Re: A Few Gameplay Questions

I have a question and a technical gaffe. First, how does one go about presenting a gift to a party member when it is a shared inventory to begin with?

Two, my game is patched to 1.04. Everything has been fine but when I enter the tavern in Lothering Leliana approaches to intercede and it is with her character that this wierd bug resides.

Her body, face and neck are there, but the rest of her head is gone! I thought maybe it was just this aspect of the game and possible rectification when gameplay began. But durring the fight, after the fight, accepting her, and then adding her to the party the head was still face and neck only. No hair, no ears, nothing. If she turned her head you could see the wall behind her that should have been blocked by an ear, hair, etc.

Anyone have any clues?!?

1. My video card has the very latest drivers installed.

2. Thinking it might be a heat issue messing with the video card I decided to have a fan blow directly into the case and it brought the temps down. But no change after I fired up the game again. She still is missing the back, top and sides of her head. Only the forehead, face, and neck are visible.

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