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Default Re: Neverending Nights - A NWN Story

First to explain the one thing you may not know - "Machinima." In short, the easy answer, is filming within a game's enviroment, manipulating it, voicing over, and doing something extra with it (like making little segments, videos, etc).

The most popular Machinima out there, without a doubt is RedvsBlue (I won't even link their website - because it should be obvious) - but that's not who I want to talk about! I want to talk about Neverending Nights which uses the Neverwinter Nights game engine from Bioware to create a series.

Personally my favorite is that Peter the Ranger character. He's so sauve. So cool. So funny. He's all around the best character. His side kick Grayson is all right.

Anyway - Andrea's reply in the Any Good CRPGs? reminded me that I had not yet pimped out another silly project of mine.

Did you guess Neverending Nights? I mentioned it briefly in the Tell us about you! thread - but I figured I'd open up its own thread. I know people aren't always keen to going to yet another new forum - so if anyone watches our episodes - they can comment here.

The first 10 episodes are rough. In the first five, we try SEVERAL different filming styles, and video capturing styles. In the first five, we're also using a cheap $9.99 mic. But Episode 10 we were using my Karokee machine through my PC because the sound was infinitely better. By episode 16 (or 17) - we had bought Shure Mics (200 bucks a pop), plus a full audio/digital converter, built a mini studio in a garage and gone the whole 9 yards with it.

It's paid off, as I said before, because of PC GAMER UK, interviewed by Bioware on their site, Atari contracts, NWN2 for free (plus the expansion) all before it came out, entrance to E3 for free under Atari's badge, entrance to the San Diego Comic Con for free as professionals, etc etc etc.

So if you're interested - head to the site - download the videos (all for free) - like I said just keep in mind the first 10 are pretty rough - and the entire Season 1 ended up being a HUGE learning processes so that Season 2 (all available for free to download also) was much better all around.

Our website -

Facebook Page

Our Youtube Channel

Our Twitter Page

And I have to link Travis Richard's Page since he did so much incredible music for us in Season 3, that really put this series over the top!

If you download the episodes, I'd recommend checking out our Video Page, which has writer comments and talks about the episodes (especially the first 10 episodes, when we were still learning how to make these...)



Episode 01: Heroes?!

Episode 02: 20k?!

Episode 03: Come On Baby Light My Fire...

Episode 04: A Walk In The Woods...

Episode 05: Ye Salty Dog!

Episode 06: He's A Magic Man!

Episode 07: Things That Make You Go... Boom?

Episode 08: On Borrowed Gold...

Episode 09: It's Not The Size (That Matters...)

Episode 10: Racial Benefits

Episode 11: Deep, Dark, Revenge (This Is How We Roll!)

Episode 12: Where There Is Smoke...

Episode 13: In And Out, A Hero's Tale

Episode 14: Here Comes The Sand Again

Episode 15: Reach Out With Your Feelings...

Episode 16: Dessert City?

Episode 17: Heroes Bar & Keep And...?

Episode 18: Pepper Flavored?

Episode 19: A Little Magic!

Episode 20: Variety Is The Spice Of Life... And Death!

Episode 21: Accumulation!


Episode 22: This is 'Dragon' Too Long.

Episode 23: Oh How I Treasure... Treasure!

Episode 24: The Watchful Eye

Episode 25: The New Recruits

Episode 26: Reunited And It Feels So Good.

Episode 27: Even Ghosts Have Racial Benefits?

Episode 28: The Light At The End of the Tunnel

Episode 29: The Plan.

Episode 30: Good Elf... Bad Elf?

Episode 31: Side Effect May Vary...

Episode 32: Employment Opportunities

Episode 33: There Be Pirates!

Episode 34: Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Episode 35: This Is Bull$#!+

Episode 36: Mind Over Matter (Not That I Don't Have A Mind - It Doesn't Matter!)

Episode 37: Crime Does Not Pay

Episode 38: Mandatory Flashbacks

Episode 39: Confessions of a Blade

Episode 40: Something's Not Quite Right...

Episode 41: Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Episode 42: Oh Mother Dearest...


Episode 43: Got Time To Kill?

Episode 44: Seeing The Unseen

Episode 45: A Friend In Need

Episode 46: Dude, Where's My Sword?

Episode 47: A New Hope

Episode 48: The Assassin Strikes Back!

Episode 49: The Return of the Goblins

Episode 50: Destiny or Chance?

Episode 51: Wanted - Dead Or Alive.

Episode 52: These Aren't The Heroes We're Looking For

Episode 53: Forging Destiny

Episode 54: Back By (Somewhat) Popular Demand

Episode 55: All Time 'Lowe'...

Episode 56: Funkafied!

Episode 57: Pawn of the Dead (... or Grave Situation... Again!)

Episode 58: VisionQuest

Episode 59: These Are My Confessions

Episode 60: But I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter

Episode 61: Reunited And It Feels So Good (Wait... Didn't We Use That Title Last Season?!)
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