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Default Re: Haven't been here in a while...

Where's my response? I want 5 paragraphs of my life back. Anyways, a few things in the meantime...

Bioshock never had RPG elements to begin with. Your role is clearly defined. You get to choose whether to save or kill little sisters every so often by pressing "E". Other than that, you play the exact same game as everyone else. It's an FPS with a good storyline.

Isn't this the problem, a small rump of people on this site instead of a thriving site like it used to be
See my references to how PC gaming is dying. Forums about Darkstone and W&W do not a busy site make. Interest in the PC market has else can we say it?

But even debates are not seen as worthy in the games market, where there seems a lot of aggression. I wonder if the experts are right and too much gaming means dumbing down and aggression, and both of those stop reasoned debate!
Your opening post was a rant, bitching about what should and should not be here. If there's aggression anywhere it starts there. There's a difference between debating a point and simply refusing to acknowledge it.
Still I feel like a child when I look at the moon, maybe I grew up a little too soon...
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