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Default Re: Haven't been here in a while...

@Kakero Both STALKER 2 and Witcher 2 are PC games being produced on PC and then converted to console. That's very different from companies like Bioware making action games for console gamers when they used to make cRPG's and then converting those console style action games to PC. Bioshock 3, Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 are all going to be much more action based for the console market and are having a lot of the RPG elements removed.

@ElfBane Isn't this the problem, a small rump of people on this site instead of a thriving site like it used to be. How many people have just stopped coming? At least I am trying to generate a debate. But even debates are not seen as worthy in the games market, where there seems a lot of aggression. I wonder if the experts are right and too much gaming means dumbing down and aggression, and both of those stop reasoned debate!
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