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Originally Posted by uk_john View Post

What you're ignoring is what everybody in the U.S. is ignoring - the European developers/publishers! PC only titles like STALKER, that sell as many copies on PC as Dragon Age did on PC, or Bioshock did on PC! PC only titles like The Witcher that is more of a follow up to Baldur's Gate as a cRPG than Dragon Age could ever be!
The sequel to Stalker and the Witcher is going multiplatform. $$$ speaks baby!

If sites like this aren't going to support PC cRPG's like the Witcher and instead are going to sell ou to the non CRPG's that are Dragon Age and Starcraft 2, it just isn't going to be around for long, because what keeps these sites going is it's specialization. I know I found it as it was THE site to get info on Wizards and Warriors. It would not even occur to me to come here for Starcraft 2 or Dragon Age!

To this day, if you google Wizard's and Warriors, you will get this site near the top. But for Dragon Age and Starcraft 2, this site would be on page 177!

When I fist came to this site, it was obvious it was a hardcore cPRG site. Now I don't know what it is - and on that basis, why would anyone new find themselves here?
I remembered Ironworksforum was the only forum that caters to wizards and warriors, I could be wrong though. Thus ironworksforum appear right on top when you googled for it is not a surprise. However, Ironworksforum is not the only forum that caters to dragonage, star craft 2 etc etc etc. There are many other forums too. That why you won't see this forum right on top when you google for it. It's hard to bring in traffic to the forum if you don't appear on top.

There are ways to make this forum appear right on top when you google dragon age ect etc etc and bring in the traffic. Ahem ahem..
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