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Originally Posted by SpiritWarrior View Post
I agree with you about DA, it is very linear and adopted the WoW trend and failed because it was implemented into a single-player game rather than an MMO.

I don't think It's blasphemy to have a forum about it though. So sue us, we hoped DA would be "the spiritual successor to Baldurs Gate". Actually, they told us it would be. For me it was not, unfortunately. But chill, as interest in the DA forum wanes, it will be removed, like other game forums.

While you are ranting about the CRPG's that should NOT be on here, I would love to hear about the ones that SHOULD be. Because for the life of me, I can't find any. PC gaming is dying and certainly owes much of It's current life to Blizzard (makers of Starcraft) as their games create the need to own a gaming PC. The other company holding up the coffin are EA with their Sims franchise (who, concidentally, bought Bioware so are responsible for DA too). Other than this, there is nothing exclusive to the PC that I can't now get on a console.
It's Blizzard with a single player game every 10 years ala Starcraft 2 that is saving the PC market? How does one PC game every decade allow a market to continue? And as many units as The Sims sell, it's still only one title!

What you're ignoring is what everybody in the U.S. is ignoring - the European developers/publishers! PC only titles like STALKER, that sell as many copies on PC as Dragon Age did on PC, or Bioshock did on PC! PC only titles like The Witcher that is more of a follow up to Baldur's Gate as a cRPG than Dragon Age could ever be!

Then you have all the other European PC titles, that are either only PC or produced on pc then converted to console. PC Games like Metro 2033 and Star Wolves. Then we have all the 'old school PC cRPG's that come out of Europe: Like The Gothic series, Drakensang, Space Rangers 2, The Sacred series, the Divinity series, Arx Fatalis, the Silverall series, Risen and Two Worlds. All his has been released in the last 3-4 years. What have we had from the U.S. side. Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Dragon Age and Alpha Protocol. All multiformat and all much more action based than the European cRPG's which are much more old school!

If sites like this aren't going to support PC cRPG's like the Witcher and instead are going to sell ou to the non CRPG's that are Dragon Age and Starcraft 2, it just isn't going to be around for long, because what keeps these sites going is it's specialization. I know I found it as it was THE site to get info on Wizards and Warriors. It would not even occur to me to come here for Starcraft 2 or Dragon Age!

To this day, if you google Wizard's and Warriors, you will get this site near the top. But for Dragon Age and Starcraft 2, this site would be on page 177!

When I fist came to this site, it was obvious it was a hardcore cPRG site. Now I don't know what it is - and on that basis, why would anyone new find themselves here?
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