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Default Romance issue

Hey. Little late to the party; I've had DA:O since holiday '09 but after being disinterested after a brief stint I shelved it until recently. But now I'm having a blast!

Spoiler alert, though I doubt it'll be relevant for most at this point.

I'm frustrated with my romance options at the moment. I'm playing as a good-type mage, and figured that I'd pair up well with Leliana. But after a long time playing with her in my party (recently secured the elves and Circle allegiances, and also having saved the arl), I'm still totally platonic with her. I've done her quest, given her her mom's flowers, chosen flirty-type comments whenever possible, gotten her to sing, and raised her approval rating to the max, and yet in camp my only conversation option is to ask her to repeat tales that she had heard as a minstrel.

I'm confused. Did I mess up somewhere? Morrigan, who I haven't used in my party since getting Wrynne and who I have no interest in whatsoever, is so into me that walking up to her and dropping my pants would be a sufficient pick-up line. Am I so incredibly out of luck with Leliana that I should just hit up Morrigan for a rebound, or do I get another shot down the line?

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