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Default Re: Neverending Nights - A NWN Story

A third episode done in a week!

Neverending Nights – Episode 56: “Funkafied!” This episode features another very special guest to me. This one is Greg Johnson. You may be asking yourself, “Who is Greg Johnson?” Well let me educate you in the ways of Greg Johnson’s Funkafied Fame! Greg Johnson is one half of the team that made the incredible series, “Toejam & Earl.” To say the outlandish humor and zanniness of this game was beyond amazing would be an understatement! I remember spending days on this game, especially with my good friends Tammy & Chuck Stevens! Greg is an extremely busy person, but he took a moment out of his hectic schedule to lend us a voice when I asked! I can’t thank Greg enough for doing this! So sit back and prepare to be Funkafied!
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