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Default Re: Neverending Nights - A NWN Story

Kicking rocks and taking names.

Yes. I just finished ANOTHER episode.

Episode 55 Now Available!

This episode debuts Al Lowe - an icon to my childhood and shaping the person who I am. If you don't know who Al Lowe is ... I am sad for you. If you have missed Leisure Suit Larry, Torin's Passage, Freddy Pharkas, among many other games he's developed, written and created - well, you need to make up for that - and get to those games. Al Lowe's incredible humor in Leisure Suit Larry, his story telling in Torin's Passage, and his quirky jokes in Freddy Pharkas were all parts of shaping who I am, and as a result, how the series of Neverending Nights was developed! Needless to say it was a HUGE honor having him aboard for a voice.
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