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Thumbs Down Re: Dragon Age 2 (Rant included, PG)

Originally Posted by Memnoch View Post
Did you find it hard to get into the first one did you? I found it hard to get into the PS3 version of it as the interface was too hard for me to get used to. Loved the PC version of it though!!!
Bah, I start and stop. I make a character and get into the game, then I get bored. Sometimes I don't get past the starting area. Sometimes I go hours into it. Inevitably though, I realize I am not having fun anymore and just lack the motivation to continue.

I can't seem to pinpoint my problem. I am not sure if it's the classes or the gameplay or the engine or a combination of all these things. I gave up trying at this stage and have moved onto other things. Maybe DA2 will do it for me, who knows?
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