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Originally Posted by Kyrvias View Post
Personally, I found rogue to be the most fun- but that's because I did a solo run with one. It forced me to really utilize, and understand the rogue's strengths and weaknesses. Creating and laying traps, creating the little thrown bombs. Backstabbing when appropriate. Bigger fights were long and arduous- but realistically, wouldn't it? A lone rogue wouldn't wade into combat.

Find a narrow choke point, lay a few snare traps, a few damage and damage over time traps, lure them over and chuck a few bombs when they're stuck. Then mop up the rest with some whirlwinds and devastator blows from dual weilding.

A warrior doesn't have that many options, and a mage fast becomes the same formula. Just my personal opinion, however.
Yes I agree with you, the mage formula is a tired and boring one for me. Once I got high enough to see the swirling firestorm and icestorm together, I was already "over it".

I feel the same about rogue though too. It's just not fun having to manuever and position him in every single fight. Doing it while the game is unpaused is a disaster too because he keeps turning 'round the front of the mob. Yes, I've messed with the tactics like people told me, but there's nothing that can assure me my rogue will assume a backstabbing posture in a fight. So, I gotta babysit him for each fight and he gets envious of other classes that just stand back and "pew-pew".

I have tried warrior which was fun but not as powerful as I expected. I wielded a big dirty two hander and got the blood talents from the DLC. It was fun but he attracts alot of aggro and I am having to pop a potion before I have even attacked usually. If I understand correctly, anyone wearing plate automatically generates more threat and attracts aggro. The problem is, if your warrior is not a tank (no shield, no tanking abilties) and is DPS primarily, you will constantly be taking damage. Correct me if I am wrong here but that is how I think it works, right?

I didn't know you could solo the game through? I assumed you needed certain characters with you to advance the plot. This might be something that could re-invent things for me. I want to get into this game, just finding it hard to achieve long-term interest. This is why I was asking about the best classes to play. Keep the suggestions coming, maybe I will find something that will resonate with me.
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