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Default Re: Just getting DA and looking for pointers

I tend to play solo or with one companion at most so my comments are in that context.

Dual-wielding cunning based Rogue using daggers and with with momentum and duelling as sustained abilities probably deals out the best dps in the game as well as being hard to hit.

The dual-wielding warrior hits almost as hard but has the advantage of heavy/massive armour and so is generally better at riding out stuns and knockdowns.

Both are weak in the initial stages but come into their own at higher levels.

Arcane warrior is a good build at mid-levels but runs out of power later and, for me at least, has proved a disaster in DA Awakenings.

PS. I stopped playing two-handed weapon users. They are slow and I got wiped out too often by mobs before I could even make a swing.
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