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Default Re: Dragon Age Detail

Originally Posted by Timber Loftis View Post
In case you guys haven't been continuing to play D&D pnp, I'll let you know that when compared to BG and BG2, not even D&D is D&D anymore. 2 things changed everything: Warhammer tabletop games and WoW.

D&D 4th ed. is basically a lame tabletop game. Roleplay has virtually disappeared. Every battle is set on a map with miniatures, and you have cards to play as your spells and abilities. There are a bazillion buffs, debuffs, auras, marks, etc. and if you don't have a set of magnetic chips to track this stuff you'll go nuts. Sometimes we'll end up with one miniature standing atop a mountaintop of chips to represent all this. Then you go to attack and the math gets horrendous.

BG and BG2 were based on 2nd Ed. D&D, which is still my favorite version, and the only one I'll ever run as DM. That game doesn't exist any longer and is out of production. It was replaced by the horrible suckfest that was 3.0 and then by the horrible OP-fest that was 3.5, and now by the tabletop WoW/Warhammer wannabe that is 4.0. I promise you, my pally in D&D 4.0 plays more like my WoW pally than any Pally to have ever existed in D&D before -- all the way down to his thrown Captn. America shield.

The 1990's have come and gone. You may rightfully, or not, think they were better or worse. But they are no more. Today's gamers are way to ADD for that stuff anymore.
Yes, they are gone. They just don't make games like they used to. The awe I was in when BG1 came out...I couldn't stop playing it. IWD also I loved. NWN brought this awe to another level - albeit a different one. Anything after that went downhill, D&D license or not.

I have also glimpsed 4E with its "daily powers" and stuff. I think they looked at what people were playing nowadays (WoW, Magic the Gathering, Anime/Dragonball-ish stuff) and tried to reinvent D&D into a combo of all that. Why they betrayed their longtime fans with these changes I don't know...but it is a far cry from what it used to be. It's a very linear, automated feeling game as opposed to the open-endedness that AD&D 2nd edition granted you. With AD&D I always felt like the campaign world was a blank canvas of creativity, just waiting to be explored. With this thing I feel like controlled, stifled - and this is just after skimming the rules and mechanics of it. Even the core rulebooks look more like cardgame manuals than D&D manuals.
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