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Interested to know how you got Morigans approval level up high enough at level 7 for her to give you that personal Quest to kill Flemeth. Usually I don't hit that point up until I have taken Morigan though the Mage tower to get the Grimoire at least to get her aproval high enough. At that point you and your party should be at least Level 10 with Wynn, Leilanna, Sten, Alister & Dog at your disposal.

Normally you would also do the earl of Redcliffe before this as well giving you plently to time to hit a higher level if you are actually following the story.

Also my Arcane Warrior did Solo Flemeth at Level 16 so close enough! But why are we bringing in a Solo discusssion since this is a team game?

Why are your team members so close together that a fireball would take out all of them?
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