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Thumbs Down Re: Dragon Age Detail

Originally Posted by CerebroDragon View Post
Have to say I flagrantly disagree with this. Mask of the Betrayer was heads and tails above vanilla NWN 1 for writing, story, choice, consequence, memorable characters, encounters etc.
Storm of Zehir also does a reasonable job also of attempting to restore an old fashioned feeling of party creation and swashbuckling adventure.

I hear where you're coming from regarding the dearth of D&D adventures though. It is a different age now.
But I definitely empathise with you tCB, check my feedback thread on Dragon Age and add your own two cents if you like. It was certainly a step backwards in many ways than one.
Bah, NWN2 did itself in from the get-go. Maybe because the vanilla NWN2 was such a mess to begin with. While the story and plot in NWN 1 were indeed weak (Aribeth), I can remember I was excited just thinking about playing it. The kind of nerdy excitment that I got with Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like that about NWN2 at all. Wanted to, but didn't.
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