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Default Re: Dragon Age Detail

If you judge the game vs. BG you will indeed be dissapointed. It is no BG. Nothing will be. It was a different time, back then. D&D games were restricted to DOS for the most part. Develepors cared about quality. Nobody charged for "premium content" because most people didn't purchase things online. When Baldurs Gate went on the market there was nothing like it at the time. There was a niche there that was filled instantly.

I agree, there is more combat than story and I would gladly take the BG narrator voice and some scrolling text tethered to some artwork as opposed to NPC cutscenes.

I don't know what to tell you. It's a good game, but not an amazing game. And it's not D&D. Things have changed in the gaming industry. I think the last memorable D&D game released was Nevewinter Nights 1. I don't know why more companies aren't trying to tap the D&D is very lucrative. Blame Atari and WotC for being too rigid I guess. Let's see how Baldurs Gate 3 shapes up if and when it ever gets released.
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