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Default Re: Dragon Age Detail

Bioware Has been calling DAO The Next Baldur's Gate. Well I have to say "NOT EVEN CLOSE" The first chapter of Baldur's Gate getting a group of adventurers to the mines to find out what was screwing up the Iron has more adventure and better story content than Dragon Age before the expansion. Then after finding out that the problem is not the mines but a group of Bad guys in the far north at Baldur's Gate are the real problem and exactly what is behind the problems is still ahead. Dragon Age tells no real story it tells how and what the mission is and that you have to do to stop the Darkspawn and the Dragon God is whats causing the problems. Then in order to get one of the main base points of the game you have to buy each part of the game.
That in itself is anal I can't figure out why Bioware didn't just put everything in the game and charge for it in the first place mainly Wardens Keep as it was closer to BG type of adventure but still very short after the ghost story and some skeleton fights that were not too bad but I still can't say it's any where near as good a game as Baldur's Gate and was quite disappointed with the whole system and game story in general. It just seemed to leave too much out and replace quality and intrigue out of the game and left you with just the battles. Then there are the weapons and they were just a pile of generic want to Be's what happened to the epic magic and weapons.
Just Disappointing .
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