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First time I played through Dragon Age I avoided This site and every other cheat site on the Net. So when I went against Flemeth I had no Idea what was ahead of me when I refused to take the book and leave at level 7 almost 8 and as I said you have no chance against her with the dog the X- Priestess/Thief from the bar in the first town and the caged prisoner. Found to be the 3 most useless characters in the game so far.
Since I was just playing the game for the first time and not using all the cheats or for warnings from other players I had no Idea and wasn't repaired for the Flemeth Dragon and in just seconds my team and I were Hamburger on the floor.
Since I never read or use any cheats about any game until after I've beaten the game what ever it may be 100% 0n my own. I had no idea what was coming and that you need to be above lvl 10 with a much better team another thing 4 players at level 8 is a level 32 team in my way of playing. Don't believe me Luvain go solo Flemeth at level 15 and tell me just how long you last as you get smashed in 30 seconds. But go after her with 4 level 15 that's 60 Lvl's against a lvl 30 Dragon. Since all Video games are based on Mathematics then the actual team level at lvl 25 is 100 and not 25 unless your soloing the game. In order to over come Flemeth you would need at least double or close to double her level to acquire enough hit points to over power her or have 4 team members with a better power base with the right skills and levels but at level 8 a single fire ball from the Flemeth Dragon will rip 90% of your power base off all four team members and with only 4 healing potions I didn't last more than a few seconds.
one last thing There is no such thing as Dragons so Real Dragons don't exist and big lizards off the coast of chili don't count as real Dragons.
Remember these are just games so don't get too upset
when you get your ass handed to you in a hat box
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