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Sunglass Man Re: BEST TIPS!

In my investigations with the Jinni of the Lamp, I checked to see what he offered since it's not already in this thread. He offers several choices, and the following are those choices with what they actually are so you can make an informed decision. Note that they are not in the same order as the game presents them in the dialog list.

Power: Arm of Argus- increases damage to enemies with hand weapons- amount is unknown.

Ability: +1 to each and EVERY Attribute!

Health: adds 25 hit points to character(good for weaker spell casters)

Ward: Amulet of Argus- AC +2, 20% protection from Fire, Mind, Paralysis, Death, Cold, Poison, Elements, Silence, and Light. Merlin's Shield Spell with 5 charges. Wgt.= 1/2 lb.

Weapon: Sword of Argus- Min. Str.= 12, Dam.= 6-20, Spec. Death Strike, Enchant +2, Hit +2, Tough 75%, wgt.= 10 lbs.

Armor: Chain of Argus- AC 4.80, Tough 75%, Regeneration +1, wgt.= 12 lbs.

Nothing: As far as I could see, that's just what you get.

Pretty impressive list of choices! It's too bad I could only get three this time around. Oh well.

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