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Default Re: Dragon Age Detail

I agree with most of your points. Most definately, increase cooldowns rather than have to pop pots to simply perform your characters defining abilities. There's nothing more annoying than seeing your coolest skills greyed out most of the time due to lack of stamina. It's like a mage popping mana potions every 3 mins in WoW just to grind. There seems to be an imbalance in this game as far as the stam/ability ratio goes. Needs some tweaking to bridge the gap between fun and balance. At the moment, if you maxxed stam to a point where you could perform your skills as needed, you'd have little else left to put into damage or crit or con. So it kinda defeats itself.

Friendly fire does indeed turn me off the mage class. It makes magic a very tricky business, and takes the fun out of hurtling spells. But then, there are mods which can turn friendly fire off which then makes magic incredibly overpowered, as you just cast firestorm around your party + blizzard + various bomb-like aoes and watch everything die. There needs to be a middle rode. Perhaps a 30% chance of friendly fire when party is caught in an aoe effect - or something like this.

Cutscenes have always annoyed me as you will see in my previous posts.
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