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Default Re: Dragon Age Detail

The game has several weaknesses, IMO, as follows;

1. The Fatigue factor. If the game maker wants you to not be able to use your abilities, then just increase cooldown. No need to have 3 or 4 factors influenceing whether or not you can use an ability.--Digression...there are mods that introduce decent stamina potions.
2. Magic is underpowered. The "friendly fire" penalty makes many spells undesirable to use, so the game kinda forces you into the "crowd control" magics.--Digression...BioWare obviously disagrees with me, since their patches have done much to nerf magic even more.
3. Enchanted weapons and armors. My only real gripe is there don't seem to be enough runes in the game to use them in all the weapons that can take them.--Digression...there are mods that introduce more runes into the game, AND there is a mod that improves Boss drops.
4. Cut scenes ruining party setup. That seems to be just part of the game,,,I don't know if could be modded away.

Well, those are my gripes. I might find more on my second playthrough.
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