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Default Dragon Age Detail

I know its unfair to compare 2 games especially when they were made so far apart. But it just bugged me more and more as I went through Dragon Age where items and armour that were picked up as I went along did not seem to change from place to place.

Apart from the basic types of weapons and armour (such as longsword, dagger. Or leather / chain armour) they all seem pretty generic to me. Even the supposed unique weapons have the same generic inventory icons with just a name and a few stats to go with it. It did not feel like you had aquired a special item that you would go out of your way or face down a hard boss to get. Only on the odd occasion would you get something that when equipped looked any different from a cheap sword from a bandit.

In BG2 when you picked up a special item you could see it clearly on your charachter, whether by colour or by its effect. You felt an attachment to that item and for example in another run of the game you would go out of your way (even completing a complicated side quest chain) to get this item again.

To be honest if I played through DAO again there are only 1 or 2 items I could even remember where I found let alone want to bother trying to get a second time around.

Did anyone else get this sense? I felt that the basics of it and intention were there but a different name and stats are not enough. For an example what weapon could you compare in DAO to say the Flail of the Ages?
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