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Default Re: Expected game length?

My 5 cents.

I think the official statement from bioware was about 60-70 hours of game time - but it all depends on how much you really do - there is plenty more to do and I would not encourage people to not do side-quests as these are really important.

In my first playthrough I reached level 21 - did most of the sidequests and only one of the companion side-quests - this time I am running a tank through and I am going to do as much as possible - I want to do ALL of the companion side quests - though my goal is to safe a lot of cash for the awakening - Awakening is pretty short btw... about 15-20 hours and its a bit too easy - I breezed through it the first time with no wipes and didn't really feel challenged - so that was a little letdown for me - though I looooved the new stuff. I hope the next expansion is a bit more balanced in terms of difficulty though.
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