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Default Re: Expected game length?

My first playthrough took 80 hours over the summer break, whilst my second was just over 42 with all of the DLC (not including Return to Ostagar). The game is really cheap though these days - you can get it from for example for 40 bucks.

I guess it depends on one's play-style as well. A friend of mine who lives nearby finished it in 27 hours by treating it as a real time only game (not using pause) and skipping purely decorative dialogue.

Your reaction to the game is fairly typical, from what I've read and if you take a look at my impression thread posted here (which no-one has responded to!) you'll see that I think it's a good thing to be critical of this game, because I feel it is disappointing in quite a few aspects. (The mmo-ification being just one factor)
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