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Question Mark Expected game length?

Ok, i'm not going to lie.

I started this game about a week ago with very high expectations, based only on what people had been saying, for once I didn't read any reviews (generally spoil, ruin a game for me)

Anyways, it's been a long time since I have played a decent Action/RPG (Except Mass Effect1 & 2, they don't count as they are godly) So I had high hopes.
I decided to go with the PC version as the Mac version was likely not as pretty and its download only (bandwidth is precious here in Aus )

Long story short, I wasn't impressed at first, no idea why, but based on what I had heard I expected awesome graphics and awesome customization. Both were decent but not what was led to believe.

However a week in, I am fairly hooked, and looking forward to getting deep into this game, my main question is though, how long is the average playthrough for you guys?

I have just been through the first(I assume) major battle with the dark spawn (something happens to the king) and have since travelled to the first village to apparently start collecting on the treaties.

If I continue to do the majority of the side quests, how far does this game go?

I am assuming its an everage length core game, and I understand its designed around DLC, so i'm not expecting it to be huge.

Anyways, not sure why I talked so much, let me know how much you enjoyed the game and how long your playthrough was, I really would love a lengthy RPG to play in between FFXIII.
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