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Default Re: Meeting Ser Cauthrien--SPOILER!!

That optional fight was easily the most hard for me in the entire vanilla game.
I tried many variations of tactics with Wynne, Alistair, my trusty mabari and dwarven fighter PC. Eventually after many reloads, I discovered a very cheesy strategy that worked: Kiting. Retreating down the corridor and into the library, you can isolate Ser Cauthrien and one or two of the troops. Then you can use a retreating strategy to gradually whittle her down. She'll usually chase whoever is dealing out the most damage, but she is such a brutal fighter, with abilities that could almost kill in one hit.
I used Wynne's stonefist to great effect here. It took alot of time and micromanaging, but she did fall! You can then pick off the rest of the troops in the room at your leisure. It's a kind of stupid division of content though, really.

The lack of consequences for Anora's seeming betrayal was another irritating factor - I so wanted to strangle her for her little two faced performance in that cut-scene!
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