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Originally Posted by TheCrimsomBlade View Post
Go fight Her in Dragon Form you will see what I mean. when your leven 12 all the dragons may as well be lvl 2000 for what good it does to fight them. Still the same old stick in the mud Moderators


She's pretty weak compared to real dragons. I beat her at level 10 and the high dragon at level 12 on my first play through.

Yes they can be hard if you're unprepared. But just because these encounters are hard doesn't mean everyone should pick the easy way out and betray Morrigan. It also doesn't mean you have to wait until you are three times above the level cap before giving it a try. It's just an elite boss encounter. It balance to your level to a point, meaning she could for example be anywhere from around level 12 to 20 depending on your level. :p
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