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Default Re: How to help Dungeon Craft

I apologize, Dinonykos. When I click the link, there are no ads whatsoever. And I just did a quick check of the Google Groups terms of service and my settings and there should be no ads at all, but if you are not a google/gmail member, they say it is possible for you to see small text only ads about rpg and dungeons and dragons. But they wouldn't be at the top.

I'm not saying you should go back to the link, but you should do a virus check and think about deleting some cookies in your browser as your browser was hi-jacked. Usually to resolve this kind of issue (99% of the time) you just need to delete your cookies.

Uatu: thanks for making that. I saw it, downloaded it and in a little bit will post on the Yahoo list that I can't recreate Paul's video that he supplied in the fix. I guess I should add above, that he needs people to tell him if the fix worked or not. I know that Jadefang tested and wrote about it, but the more people the better.
Also, I don't think Paul would consider it a bother if there were lots of posts pointing to mini-mods illustrating the bugs. In fact, it might even be motivation to get CocoaSpud back, as I've heard a rumor that he's been in contact with Paul...(or it might be the other way around)
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