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Sunglass Man How to help Dungeon Craft

I have heard many a fine DCer comment, "I would like to help with Dungeon Craft, but I'm no coder..."

Well folks, I'm here to tell you that you can! That's right! There is something that every single gent and lady can do to help out this little project that could.

Step 1: Be as active as you can. Post here, on the Yahoo list, on the Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventure Community boards, visit SourceForge and post in the forum there, and don't forget the Google group.

Step 2: get involved by playtesting or reviewing DC designs and bug fixes. Paul has been posting links in these forums when he has each bug fix ready. Just download it and try it out and then post some feedback on how it worked.

Step 3: visit SourceForge and check out the level 9 bugs on the bug tracker. Pick one that you would like to see fixed and read about it. Create a mini-mod that is so small that it can only show the bug to be fixed and nothing more. Post here or on Yahoo to let Paul know which bug you are working on and as soon as you're done with the mini-mod figure out a way that he can get it, such as posting it in the Yahoo groups file section or adding it as attachment to a post here.

Step 4: Write about DC - help by adding to the Help Documentation or the FAQ or the Wiki

Step 5: test and/or write new scripts for spells, monsters, events or anything else you can think of.

Step 6: go back to a step you haven't done and work on that for a while.

All of the above steps would help get the DC project towards version 1.0, and in fact, without 3, 4 and 5 being done, the coders cannot do their job. One of the biggest things holding Paul back is that people are not supporting him. He needs to know what a bug is before he can fix it. And when he does off a fix, he needs to be told if he succeeded or not.

And when you help out, make sure and attach your name to it so that we can give you credit as being part of the DC team.
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