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The Den of Thieves

What could be more challenging than starting off a den of thieves? All rogues... no magic, no guilds until Ishad N'ha-ha-ha... gotta be tough, right? A while back, I took on this challenge, and it was one of the harder ones I've done. Amazing how hard life is when you can't usually hit the ground when you're swinging at it...

This isn't a full long story like Missy Hissy or the Peasants, but hopefully a bit enjoyable, just the same.


New Game: Den of Thieves
Den of Thieves: Starting Question
Den of Thieves: Update and Oddities
Den of Thieves... Update 2
Minor little tidbit
Den of Thieves... complete

And there end the Thieves... magic left alone until the very end, and man, does it really, really help Enjoy!

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