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Default Re: NEED help, Chapter 4, help with Bhaal pls

Arg I have the same problem! I've got this far with a Swashbuckler thief- who while great at picking locks is pretty naff at actually fighting-, armed with the Dragonslayer sword or short bow +2(my character has no health potions or magic at this point), and can't get past this stupid imaginary sequence!
Imoen for me has stopped in the middle of the staircase and just repeats about bringing the monster there. I get Bhaal to follow me to the entrance, talk to him, and can get him all the way to Imoen without getting hit. Imoen says her bit and then I attempt to fight him. But after three hits he's slaughtered me and I can't get him past "barely injured".
Am I stuck permanently (although I have a save game just before I enter the asylum)? I literally have no motivation to restart the game all over!
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