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Default Re: WOW - Who's be You's?

Originally Posted by Memnoch View Post
Well, I'm now at 59 and have replaced most of my armour blues with greens. I'm still wielding the same weapons though because I already had a comparable weapon at 51 which I had mongoose applied to. Here's what I did:

Helm: Helm of Fire (blue) --> Veteran's Skullcap (green)
Neck: Sentinel's Medallion (blue, 48) --> Imbued Chain (green)
Shoulders: Spaulders of the Unseen (blue) --> Miner's Brace (green)
Chest: Blazewind Breastplate (green) --> Jerkin of the Untamed Spirit (blue) --> Vengeance Chestpiece of the Bandit (green) [I replaced twice]
Wrists: Forest Stalker Bracers (purple) [Not replaced yet]
Gloves: Gloves of Holy Might (purple) --> Thick Draenic Gloves (green)
Waist: Highlander's Leather Girdle (blue, 58) [Not replaced yet]
Legs: Blackstorm Leggings (blue, I crafted myself via Elemental LW) --> Flayer Hide Leggings (green) --> Vengeance Legpiece of the Bandit (green) [I replaced twice]
Feet: Highlander's Leather Boots (blue, 58) [Not replaced yet]

I thought of swapping out my Krol Blade for the Foe Reaver you get on that first Outland quest to kill the demons (it had slightly higher base dmg at 151 vs 149 though it was 2.6 instead of 2.8) but I already had Mongoose on the Krol Blade so I decided to hang on to it till I get to 60 and get get one of the pvp rewards.

Also, I got an insane chest item as a reward for blowing up some buildings (easiest quest if you are a rogue) - Jerkin of the Untamed Spirit but then I replaced it an hour later when I got a green Bandit drop (I prefer the Bandit one for pvp).
Looking good.

Agreed - it's worth hanging onto Kroll for a while yet, especially with Mongoose on it - 120 agi at your sort of level will give you insane amounts of crit and dodge.

I had the Jerkin of Untamed spirit for a while on both my chars - better yet for my Feral Druid as the "higher than norm" armor was great for tanking. You'll find a better rogue item though soon enough towards the end of HFP - Darkstorm Tunic. I had that right up until 69 when I got my Chestguard of the Dark Stalker.
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