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Default Re: WOW - Who's be You's?

Originally Posted by Memnoch View Post
Timber is an inspiration to all of us playing WoW. From his humble noob beginnings to an uberleet wtfpwning 70 lock, he's an example of how perseverance can breed success.

As for me, I'm 57 and climbing, and I don't think my gear's too shabby for where I am at the moment - though I'm looking forward to dinging 58 and replacing all my blues and purples with Outland greens. :p
Haha I remember when that happened to me earlier in the year. I had previously spent weeks running AV to get my Lobotimizer, then I got into Outland and got a superior dagger from a quest which took 5 minutes to complete and didn't involve killing anything!
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