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Default Re: WOW - Who's be You's?

Originally Posted by Monis View Post
Why have you not got the Darkmoon Trinket?? + 80 dps?

the Quagmirran's Eye is no no compered

I am from EU server not sure you US have it !
That card takes a lot of cashola, so I preferred to rerun heroic SP instead until I got the Quag's trinket.

Here's the thing, though. I had the Quag's trinket equipped and you may have noted that my +spell hit rating was only 170. Now the astute raider would recognize that a raiding warlock vs. a level 73 or "skull" boss needs 202 spell hit. That would be what the Lock needs to get +16% hit vs. a boss that you have a 17% miss chance against -- the last 1% miss chance is unavoidable, so you shoot for 16%, which is 202 hit.

Now, I have a scryer's bloodgem in my pocket. That's +32 spell hit, bringing me up to the cap of exactly 202 vs. bosses, so until I get more spell hit on other gear, I'm obliged to use the bloodgem. It's also another "ouch" trinket that gives burst dps bonus. So, I'm using that for bosses. The only other one to replace would be the Silver Crescent, which is about on par with the Darkmoon Card.

So, point is that if I had that card I'd use it on trash mobs, but not bosses, not at this point. And trash is pointless, so why bother?

Now, the caster trinket from ZA, even if you're in MH/BT gear, that's worth going after.

And Burnzey, I well remember my Vicious Circle days. I have continued to run into the old VC crew. Most went to guilds other than me, some are notably in Apotheosis Now these days, and some are in Dark Talisman, including Stanislaus as a main tank. I raided with Hammsamwich in Night Haven and now I raid with Happynoodle in Black Death. I still have those level 30 screenshots of us "raiding" Stromgarde, though, and our "Guild Picture" pics from my first time in Blackrock Mountain when they summoned and/or dragged lowbies from all over for guild picture day.
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