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Default Re: Your Next RPG should be The Witcher -- NEW SCREENSHOTS!

Originally Posted by ZFR View Post

Sadly no....

But according to wiki: The stories and novels have been translated into Czech, Slovak, German, Russian, Lithuanian, French and Spanish.

So if you speak any of these languages and can get your hands on the book...

There are 5 books + 2 prequels. Making the saga a total of 7 books. The prequel books should be read first before the other 5. You miss on storyline if you don't

Apparently the first prequel book has been translated into English. But reading it alone is like reading the first 4 chapters of Fellowship of the ring.

And never never ever watch the movie/TV series!!! It's a complete disaster.
One book is supposedly being translated now and is supposed to be in print in english next year i think.
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