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Default Re: Your Next RPG should be The Mask of the Betrayer!

Originally Posted by Micah Foehammer View Post
If people had followed the patching/ installation procedure that Obsidian had posted most of those problems would NOT have occurred, Z. And they had a hotfix out for the remainder within 2 days iirc.

SoU and HotU had some of the same problems if you weren't careful with the patches.
Um, the patching issues are but a 4% part of the issue, man. read all the posts. There's TONS of more bugs. Why, instead of making an expansion, don't they work on the mess they made.
Patching in other games, NWN1, WOW, 99% of others--you click update, or it tells you, and installs it. and its done. No needing to go to the forums to find out how to jerry rig it. Come on.. You KNOW 50% or
more of the players don't even know a forum exists. Face it, Obsidian isn't a great developer. IMO, they have tainted the Neverwinter Nights name.
I had no problems with any of the patches for NWN. In any regard, no more NWN2 talk here, lets stay on topic. This if for The Witcher.
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